What's your Wellness Emergency?


Wouldn't it be nice to talk to a Dermatologist for over an hour, to get your biggest most pressing wellness questions answered....all the things wrecking havoc on your mind, body and skin?  Most office visits are 7 minutes or less. How are you supposed to feel SEEN, HEARD and SUPPORTED in that ridiculously short time? I mean, you WERE NOT TAUGHT THIS STUFF by any reputable source!  (Beauty magazines and blogs are great but they don't count.) I’ve been on both sides of the office visit, and believe.you.me did my health and happiness SKYROCKET when I felt understood and supported!


Skincare is NOT simply applying serums, lotions and salves. SKINCARE is SELF-CARE. It is a FEELING. Applying serums is an action. You’ve been there, done that. This is so.much.more than that.


This in-depth, 60 minute one-on-one session was designed for you if...


  • You don't feel like YOU in your skin

  • You’re breaking out and puberty was like, ages ago, and it's making you feel badly about yourself

  • I know it's sounds cliche... but you've got a beauty cabinet full of products, and absolutely NOTHING to show for it



💥To end the guilt, racing thoughts, and negative self talk

💥To stop the reliance on quick fixes, serums & expensive products whenever you need to get back on track

💥To feel calm and confident in your skin, and use it as a powerful tool (instead of as a source of frustration, anxiety, or stress)

💥To experience a more positive, liberating and vibrant relationship: with your body, with yourself, and your loved ones


These are all solve-able, workout-able, conquer-able problems, and in one hour, we can get you in your groove with a made-for-you action plan so you can go about LIVING instead of agonizing and feeling anxious.


We can't cover ALL THE THINGS in 60 minutes, (this isn't The Skinny Dipping Method after all) but we CAN identify your #1 challenge keeping you STUCK. Then, we’ll create a plan for you to tackle it – crafted to address your personal situation.


Keep Your Glow Flowing!

You’ll leave our session with specific action steps you can take RIGHT NOW to begin moving towards the best version of you where CONFIDENCE, CALM + RESILIENCE are the ONLY option. If you’re keen to keep your momentum going, I’ll share how you can do that with a personalized recommendation. If you’re ready to conquer it on your own, that’s magical too!


COST:  $397




After you pay for your session, I'll email you within 24 - 48 hours with a deep dive health discovery intake to help you get clear about where you’ve been and you want to go as well as to schedule your session!  


I look forward to connecting with you!  xo





*Please note that the SOS session only offers dietary, exercise and lifestyle counseling.  We DO NOT offer any medical advice or supervision – only wellness advice. It is not legal to provide advice regarding medications, interpret blood tests, or other medical issues in this capacity.

Clients seen in these sessions will NOT be under the medical care of Dr. Keira Barr in any capacity.  Your own physician is responsible to oversee your medications and blood work. It is strongly advised to keep your physician advised of the dietary and lifestyle changes you are making.




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