The real reason you’re not showing up in your business (applies to 96% of women)

COVID-19 is causing rapid shifts in how we do business and that’s why I believe, now more than ever, we need strong women like YOU  to step up and serve.


And, what’s one of the biggest problems you have at the moment with everything going virtual? ⁣

You need to feel confident, beautiful, and empowered so you can share your message on camera. 

Being on camera can leave us feeling that dream where we’re naked on the first day of class. 

And the truth is that most women (96%!) don’t feel beautiful.  

So I have a question for you. When was the last time you stood stark naked in front of a mirror and said “I look AMAZING?” 

I’m not talking about some quick morning affirmation taught to you by the latest self-help guru. 

I’m talking about lovingly and longingly admiring your form and feeling beautiful and grateful for the body you’re in. 

That might seem like a radical step to take because let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to get on camera naked.  

But so often when we are overcritical in one area of our lives, we are overcritical in other areas as well. When we look at our bodies we often DON’T see what is beautiful rather we focus on what needs to be fixed. And it’s likely we're carrying that same criticism into our business. 

Just think about it. If on a normal day you’re making a long list of serums, potions, and procedures you want to try to erase the years and rejuvenate you--to get yous back to a younger, fitter state of being--do you really think that has no overlap with why you hide behind the scenes in your business?

When it comes to our businesses, most people THINK they’re clear on what their trouble spots are. And they think they know exactly what new solution will help. But they’re often wrong. 

Because deep down, our problem is usually about feeling confident in our own skin. And if you’re constantly picking apart your looks in your personal time, I bet you’re showing up the same way in your business.

Feeling confident in your own skin comes from clarity about why you are looking outside of yourself for solutions--Discovering what you really want for yourself to make the shift in how you want to feel.

The truth is that your beauty comes from how you see yourself and how you treat yourself.

How you see yourself shapes how the rest of the world sees you, as well.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are the beholder whose eye matters most.

That's why when you find yourself struggling in your business or in getting out in front of the camera, you need to ask yourself if it’s really part of a larger confidence issue.

Do you feel confident in your own skin? Do you feel beautiful when you get absolutely naked? And do you carry that out in the rest of your life?

Because if not, you need to get clarity about what’s keeping you from feeling beautiful. Because it is showing up in your business. 

Clarity helps you know EXACTLY what is holding you back from feeling beautiful so that you know how to take action. It gives you the motivation and the direction to nourish your mind, body and soul from the inside out and the outside in so you can Look, Feel, and Perform Your absolute best starting now. No crazy gimmicks needed.

If you don’t have clarity, and you’re ready to take your business and beauty to the next level, I invite you to schedule a call and let’s get you on your way to feeling naked and amazing so you can show up powerfully in front of the camera and in your business.   



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