Ever Feel "Not Enough"?

As the weeks pass by as we shelter in place, I’ve been giving a lot of thought for what I want to invite into my life and manifest during this time….and along with my beautiful audacious goals, there’s a “hiccup”in the vision that’s uninvited but keeps showing up.

I know that if it’s showing up for me, there’s a chance it might be showing up for you too.

For most of us, the thought on constant replay is either “I don’t have enough energy” or “I don’t have enough resources/skills/knowledge”. 

And so begins a whirlwind of “not enough” thoughts. 

As ambitious high achievers, this cycle tends to pick up momentum over the course of the day as we find ourselves ping-ponging between our creative and audaciously bold imaginations and the gravity of those “not enough” thoughts. 

The good news is that you don’t have to get weighed down by those thoughts.

Here is a 30-second reframming exercise I use to break the cycle that is consistently effective.

Step 1: Recognize without judgement. You had a “not enough” thought. No biggie.

Step 2: Relax your body. Take a deep breath and let go of tension

Step 3: Reframe with a rephrase: “I am open to having enough…”

Using the not enough energy example, I’d rephrase to “I’m open to having enough energy to get me through this day.”

What I love about step 3 is that it’s not the kind of reframe that requires an immediate result.

It doesn’t feel far-fetched. 

It doesn’t exacerbate the tension or resistance. 

It invites openness and possibilities.

The antidote to whatever scarcity you’re experiencing may not pop into your mind or show up right that very second. But by managing your mind this way, you’re infinitely more likely to notice abundance when it DOES show up.

Jot these 3 steps down on a post-it note or piece of paper and stick it somewhere you’ll see it multiple times a day - your computer, your fridge, bathroom mirror, white board...


Step 1: Recognize without judgement

Step 2: Relax 

Step 3: Rephrase: “I am open to having enough…”

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Remember, you have to relax to receive.

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