The Skinny Dipping Method


You are high-achieving. You are smart, hard working, and won’t settle for just “ok”...not for the work you put out in the world and not for yourself. At this stage of your life as a menopausal woman, you have created so many amazing things.


But you look in the mirror and see life taking it’s toll, staring back at you as dark undereye circles, bloating, weight gain around your middle, fine lines and a dull complexion. You are feeling exhausted, uninspired, depleted, questioning what is next, wondering is this all there is?

You may have tried every diet, workout routine, skincare product and procedure under the sun. You may have tried reading self-help books, taking classes, doing courses....


And eventually, they all FAILED to deliver the results you want because how the heck were you supposed to keep up with every fad, trend and tactic on the market for the rest of your life?


So you keep finding yourself in the same pattern and still looking.

You don’t know if you should go to yet another doctor, try one more diet, buy one more product, have one more procedure, go on a retreat, or do all of it. You know something is missing.


You know you don’t want to keep doing the same old thing, the same old way, but you don’t know where to start or how to get started. You know you want to radiate your glow brighter and feel better in your body, but something is off.

You keep coming back to that same feeling that something is missing. You’re not certain what will help, who can help, how to ask for help, how to trust the help, or if you even need help.



So many women in midlife and going through menopause feel stuck in the routine of life and think that if they could just find that one pill, the one tactic, that one THING, that they would finally feel more relaxed, more fulfilled…..more them.


But that ONE thing never seems to work, or if it does, it doesn’t work for long.

The best news I can share with you, is that it ABSOLUTELY doesn’t have to be this way.  

In my decades of working with women who are stressed out, burned out and breaking out, I see time and time again that we all have similar struggles.  And what’s showing up on the outside, is an invitation to discover what’s happening on the inside and reconnect you to who you truly are. 

That’s where I come in. Over the past twenty years, I’ve worked with women just like you shed the layers keeping them stuck, and uncover the radiant, resilient, confident and vibrant powerhouse inside you just waiting to be revealed. 

Over the course of this work, I’ve developed my signature Skinny Dipping Method


In it, we use the best of evidence-based medicine blended with mind-body and soul practices to get all parts of you, inside and out, on board to get you looking, feeling and performing at your absolute best.


No gimmicks, no band-aid promises or quick fixes: only real solutions and real results for the long term.

How it works:

You show up. Committed, coachable and open to receive. My job? To give you the tools, resources and support to help rekindle or perhaps, for the very first time, spark your connection to yourself.


You don’t need a 365-step skin care regimen, a laundry list of complicated strategies or countless hours waiting in a doctor’s office. You just need a personalized, simple and straight-forward process you can use to make that connection (without a mile long “to-do” list.



You will look in the mirror after our work together and see a totally different woman.

You feel connected to yourself again. 


You’ve got a spring in your step and a sense of ease and calm that’s palpable to your family and friends.


You’re confident. You look and feel radiant. 

The brain fog has lifted and you feel energized and ready to slay the day.


Guzzling coffee just so you can tackle your to-do list, becomes something you no longer need to do ( you can simply have a cup of joe for the pure enjoyment of it).

Your complexion is glowing. You feel alive and vibrant.

Hot flashes are a thing of the past, and your sleep is restful.

Your anxiety is relieved, your stress is reduced and you feel joyful.


You’re having more fun.

You’ve got support and help when you need it. 

There is a sense of ease and laughter in your home. No more fighting. 

You feel like you. And that FEELS really GOOD.

And just so we're clear.....

This isn’t about quick-fixes, tactics or just giving you a plan.

It’s about permission and helping you give yourself the permission you need to have what you want (and fill in that missing piece).

Because without that permission, every tactic you use will be less than effective.

And with that permission, it doesn’t matter what tactic you use - it will all work.

So, the question really becomes: are you ready to strip away the layers and examine the real reason you’re stuck? And are you willing to do the uncomfortable work of letting it go?

If the answer is YES


Resilient Health Institute

Gig Harbor, WA, USA

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